Top 15 Best Beaches In France, 2018


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A beach holiday in Marseilles

Life’s A Beach: Join Karuna as she enjoys the warm summer sun and blue waters of the beach in the old town of Marseilles in France.


Marseille – France //Getting lost, getting annoyed and general bus tour.

Segunda para do cruzeiro, na cidade com o terceiro maior porto do Mediterrâneo. Confesso que não foi uma cidade que gostei muito, mas talvez só não estava na vibe certa… Mas enfim, espero…


Marseille, France downtown, marina, MuCEM, Old Town We take a stroll through the main section of downtown Marseille and the marina for several hours in a brief look to get a feeling for the place. The Old Town is also…


Plage du Prado Nord Marseille France; North Prado beach of Marseille.

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A trip to Marseille , France

The foundation of Marseille, which dates back to around 600 BC, is the fact of Greek colonists from Phocaea (Foça now in Turkey); This settlement was also fostered by the Phoenicians fleeing…


Marseilles, France Integrated Mesh 3D animation

Integrated mesh data is typically captured by an automated process for constructing 3D objects from large sets of overlapping imagery. The result integrates the original input image information…