Twenty Minutes at the Louvre Museum  

An honest, whirlwind tour of the Louvre, visiting only the two greatest hits that tourists usually want to see: the Mona Lisa (at 12:19) and the Venus de Milo (at 16:15). Yes, it’s possible to do this in less than half an hour if you know what you’re doing and you’re in a rush (I’ve done it as a tour guide endless times). This shows the logistics of seeing the Louvre, without the period music and highly selective editing of a typical tourist video. I also show some very brief shots of other parts of the museum (16:58) just so that you can see the difference between the beaten tourist track and everything else. The video is designed to be seen with the closed-caption narration turned on (the scenes make more sense that way), although you can leave that off if you are just interested in the visuals.